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In order to constantly maintain quality assurance, we follow the below listed rules in our everyday work.

  • The text is checked for translation completeness.
  • The text is checked for typos and double spaces.
  • All professional terminology and concepts are cross-checked and, if necessary, field professionals
    are consulted.
  • Punctuation (commas, colons, semi-colons, quotation marks, dashes etc.) as well as weights and measures are used in conformity with the Polish grammar (unless otherwise required by client.)
  • The layout of the Polish text (page breaks, paragraphing) conforms with the source text to the greatest possible extent.
  • The fonts used (typeface, boldface, italics) are consistent with those in the source text.
  • All proper names are translated, if necessary, in accordance with officially approved nomenclature.
  • All editable headers, footnotes, inscriptions above/below and inside drawings are translated.

If CAT tools are used, both clean/unclean versions are delivered.